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The Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Shawn Yue Man Lok starred, Pang Ho Cheung directed film LOVE IN A PUFF (CHI MING YU CHUN GIU) will open soon. In the film Yue Man Lok's Cheung Chi Ming and Chin Wa's Yu Chun Giu are two smokers who meet in a back alley due to smoking. Because of the film's category III rating, Chin Wa again becomes a category III star. She expresses that she does not mind becoming a "category III star". Most importantly she supports the director's creation.

Chin Wa in reality does not smoke and has asthma. She expresses that she tried to smoke three cigarettes in a hour, after that not only was her throat sore but she also lost her appetite and was dizzy. She says, "I feel the most extreme scene is when I yell at my on screen boyfriend for a minute straight." Ah Lok is a smoker but he also says that one night he tried to smoke ten packs in a row. After the shoot not only were his lips black but his entire body smelled like smoke. He had to keep drinking water. Actually the smoking scene was worse than the the fight scene. Chin Wa expresses that for her first collaboration with Ah Lok, at first she thought he was very mean and extreme. Actually he is better than she imagined.

LOVE is rated category III, Ah Lok expresses in the film he actually never kisses, touches or feels Chin Wa. He says, "Maybe the film has smoking and foul language scenes, but the film needs to add in foul language to be more in its spirit." Ah Lok points out that foreign films can say anything, perhaps English sounds better. Chinese foul language ultimately is too appropriate and in depth. Even hearing himself speaking foul language was not easy on the ears.

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