Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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The Peter Ho Yun Tung starred, Dai Wei directed ONCE UPON A TIME IN TIBET has already wrapped. Ho Yun Tung this time played a Tibetan farmer. His tan skin, slim figure, long hair and torn clothes were quite different from his past sunshine boy image. The film ONCE UPON A TIME IN TIBET was the second in a trilogy. Aside from Ho Yun Tung, Song Jia, Zhu Ziyan and other Chinese and foreign film stars will participate. Ho Yun Tung played a farm slave who longed to be free. Ho Yun Tung in order to play this character in particular went to sunbath, he hoped that his skin tone would be more like Tibetan's.

Recently Mainland homeless person Brother Sharp has become a hot topic, male stars rapidly followed his lead. For example Wang Leehom's costume in his film, Ho Yun Tung's farm slave costume in ONCE UPON A TIME IN TIBET, even Alec Su Yau Peng, Jang Dong-Gun, Vincent Zhao Wenzhou and others were accused of looking like Brother Sharp. Internet comments claimed that Ho Yun Tung's Tibetan farm slave look was Brother Sharp's "originator", that he was more outstanding than Brother Sharp.

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