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Wang Xueqi

Wai Ying Hung

Lisa S.

Han Ye-Seul
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Yan Ni

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Han Ye-Seul, Angela Chow, Lisa S.
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First time working in Hong Kong, Korean star Han Ye-Seul tonight will host the 4th Annual Asian Film Award with Lisa S and Angela Chow. With her fluent English Han Ye-Seul honestly said that she was very excited because she had the chance to see people from different countries. However because it was her first English job she was somewhat nervous. She hoped to be able to sleep and do a little better. Earlier in Beijing she has met Tony Leung Chiu Wai. How did seeing Wai Jai again yesterday feel? She honestly said that she was Wai Jai's fan and was very happy to see him again. She also felt that he was very handsome and hoped that she would be able to work with him. At the end of April she will work on a Korean series. If she had the chance she would like to develop the Great Chinese market.

The 4th Annual Asian Film Award will take place today. Nominated for Best Supporting Actress with AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) Wai Ying Hung yesterday said that she was so nervous that her weight has been out of control. She said, "When I am nervous I suffer from reactions and diarrhea, I lost a dozen or so pounds. Although I didn't lose my appetite I dropped to only 97 pounds. My heart itself isn't too great." As for the competition, Wai Ying Hung expressed that she has seen Ryoko Hirosue and Korean actress Gobi Kim and picked Hirosue as the favorite. As for her confidence, she said, "I have confidence, but will have to see about luck."

Representing BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING), director Teddy Chan Tak Sum pointed out that the Asian Film Award jury tended to have higher academic demands and felt that BODYUGARDS AND ASSASSINS' art and costumes were done very well and had conditions to win. As for the biggest competition, he said, "I know Korean and Japanese films are the competition."

Wang Xueqi is nominated for Best Actor with BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS and recalled when he first accepted the role. "I didn't know Producer (Peter) Chan Ho Sun and Director (Teddy) Chan Tak Sum at all, but they came to look for me on the FOREVER ENTHRALLED set. When they were trying to persuade me they got more and more excited as they spoke. Their Putonghua was less than fluent, at the time I had no idea what they were saying. However seeing how excited they were I decided to make the film." Wang Xueqi praised the film as a good movie, which proved that his initial choice was correct.

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