Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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The Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed, Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred IP MAN 2 will officially open April 29. Mainland actor Huang Xiaoming in the film played Ip Man's disciple Wong Leung who not only was Bruce Lee's teaching senior but also one of Ip Man's strongest disciples.

Although Huang Xiaoming has played heroes in many wuxia series but it was the first time he used real kung fu. In addition his co-stars all seemed to have a kung fu background, thus this time he was willing to play support to each master. From the photos Huang Xiaoming seriously studied kung fu with Yen Chi Tan. He also had a kneeling scene in front of Master Ip Man and showed the master disciple relationship. At first people worried if Huang Xiaoming would be able to handle the fighting, but after some hard training he looked very convincing. He also said that now he should have no problem fighting with two people. His action was praised as cool and resembling Bruce Lee.

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