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Koni Lui Wai Yi

Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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The Dennis Law Sau Yiu directed suspense film WOMB GHOSTS (NGOK TOI) two nights ago held its premiere in Mongkok. Actors included Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Koni Lui Wai Yi, Lai Lok Yi, Elva Ni (Ngai Sun Hei), A.Lin, DaDa and Lam Suet attended. The always sexy Chau Sau Na appeared in a black see through number, but the result was not as direct as Lui Wai Yi's back baring clothing.

Chau Sau Na expressed that WOMB GHOSTS was her first female lead so she was particularly nervous. Chau Sau Na expressed that she invited her boyfriend, who was busy with work and later would support the film with friend. Despite the premiere took place in Mongkok, Chau Sau Na was not worried about her safety. She said, "Instead I am worried about acid bomb." As for the box office she did not have any expectation.

Lui Wai Yi said that she was not considered sexy and only selected suitable clothing. "Lam Suet's belly kept me away from the crowd. I only wore this dress out of respect for the event. After the event I would go home right away." Will she make even sexier appearance with better box office, Lui Wai Yi said, "I will consider that then." Lui Wai Yi earlier was caught dining with director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum). She explained, "At the first (Bosco) Wong Chung Chak and Leung Ka Ki were present, we were not out alone. He only chatted with us about acting. I don't pay attention to his rumors."

The media earlier found Model Ngai Sun Hei in intimate online photos with Wong Chung Chak. Ngai Sun Hei pointed out that she was the 2005 Miss Chinese Toronto. The photos were caught at work then and online group users uploaded them lately. When she returned to work in Hong Kong she removed the photos already. She stressed that she was not familiar with Wong Chung Chak. She said, "When everyone meet I may recognize him. Whether he recognizes me you have to ask him next time. He is easygoing, the workers also asked him for photos."

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