Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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The Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Tang Wei starred CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI) opens today, but last year the film has already held advanced screenings on over ten screens. The response has been overwhelming and every show has been sold out. It was a shot of confidence, but Hok Yau said that he would not predict the box office. He only knew that the film trained him into a detective mind.

In the film Hok Yau and Tang Wei were detective novel fans. They entertained themselves through deductive reasoning in matters around them and their relationship was born. Hok Yau said, "This film introduced me to many detective novels in a few short months. Whenever I am waiting on the set I would read in detail, thus my detective mind training began." Earlier he and Tang Wei after attending the premiere left on the freight elevator. Yet the elevator rose and almost stopped on every floor. When the door opened, every floor had deliveries on big carts or restaurant cleaning services. When each one of them saw Hok Yau and Tang Wei they would be stunned, then screamed at Hok Yau, "AH--Hok Yau!" Then they strongly waved. Hok Yau jokingly deduced, "Actually these service people weren't real service people. They were viewers who just won at the premiere to play employees and pedestrians on different floors. If they saw us then they would have a chance at a cash prize to eat all over Hennessy Road!"

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