Sunday, March 21, 2010


Bryon Pang Koon Kei
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Osman (front left) and Winnie Leung Wai Yi (front right) celebrated their birthdays
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The Bryon Pang Koon Kei, Winnie Leung Man Wai and Thomas Price (Bak Chi Hin) starred film AMPHETAMINE (OI FEI TA MING) earlier participated in the Berlin Film Festival. Two nights ago they along with the director Scud (Wan Cheung) attended the film's book autograph signing and new film LOVE ACTUALLY...SUCKS (OI HUNG......LAN!) production start ceremony. EO2's Osman and Leung Man Wai will star in the new film. Yesterday was both Wan Cheung and Osman's birthdays so two nights ago the film company celebrated along with Leung Man Yi whose birthday was a few days earlier.

Osman expressed that LOVE will discuss the earlier "Spider-Man" wall climbing murder of his girlfriend. He would play "Spider-Man" and said that for the wall climbing scenes earlier he learned to rock climb. Osman expressed that earlier in the film PERMANENT RESIDENCE he had frontal nude scene, which will also be required this time but not as extreme as before. He was worried about his image before, but watching with the art film mentality it was fine. Leung Man Yi expressed that in AMPHETAMINE she had a topless performance, but LOVE will not require any nudity from her. Osman expressed that his birthday wish was no natural and man made disaster and more work in the new film.

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