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Famous film worker Fung Lam earlier passed away at the age of 85. Fung Lam's family originated from Nanhai, Guangdong. Born on January 27 1925, she was someone who was full of patriotism and passion. In her youth she along with her older brother Fung Jit actively participated in the War against Japanese Aggression promotional event. After the war victory, she once was active in the Shanghai drama world as she participated in numerous left wing cultural people organized plays.

In the late 40s, Fung Lam came to Hong Kong and participated in film performance. In 1952 she joined the just founded patriotic film company Phoenix Film and worked until she retired. During the period, she starred in over 50 films including TIGER WANG SEIZES THE BRIDE and THE PRINCESS FALLS IN LOVE. She was talented in multiple arenas. Aside from her excellent acting she also was an outstanding costume designer. Fung Lam conducted herself in a very sincere and passionate manner and took the initiative. Truly countless people have received her help. She also did not spare any effort in helping the younger generation. Currently still active in film and television, Fong Ping, Paw Hee Ching and others were under her tutelage. Aside from work, she even actively participated in a variety of events that benefited the community. Fung Lam loved her country and Hong Kong, as she participated in "One Nation, Two Systems" confirmation work. In order to commemorate her contribution to social services, the Special Administrative Region government on July 2003 presented her with an honorary badge.

Fung Lam's life was full of patriotic ideals, which she selflessly gave to. She even made top contribution to the film culture industry. Particularly more commendable was that despite after retirement she was not wealthy, her charity contribution could rival others as she donated a set of invaluable calligraphy that has been in her family to numerous museums. Two days before her heart stopped, she at the age of 85 was busy with the cultural performance to celebrate March 8 (Woman's Day). According ot Fung Lam's wishes, her remains will be donated to Hong Kong University for medical study. After cremation in the future her ashes will be shattered at sea. A memorial for Fung Lam will be held on April 15 at the Kowloon Bay Cine Art cinema.

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