Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Since his marriage was exposed last August, Andy Lau Tak Wa promoted his film FUTURE X-COPS (MEI LOI GAING CHAT) for the first time two days ago in Taiwan. Although Wa Jai tried Tai Chi to avoid talking about his personal life, when he appeared on the program HERE COMES KANGXI he could not stop the "interrogation" from Little S (Tsui Hei Tai) and Cai Kang-yong. Big S (Barbie Hsu) revealed that she never saw Wa Jai on the phone on the set. Wa Jai honestly said that he did not have a habit of "reporting in", but admitted that after work at the hotel he would call his wife and even say "Love you".

Wa Jai at first refused to answer, but Little S kept at it. "Did you spend the Lunar New Year with your wife? Was this year as a father?" Wa Jai deliberately avoided sensitive words like "father" and only said, "I spent it with my family." Little S kept asking, "Do you and your wife hold hands when you are sleeping?" Wa Jai laughed, "It's too private, I won't tell you." Although he had a new film release, Wa Jai expressed that he would not take his wife to see it. In the future he also would not take his wife to public places in order to maintain their privacy.

Last night at the premiere, the film company arranged for top Taiwan child star Little Brain to meet with him. 23 years ago, Wa Jai worked with Little Brain's father Siu Ban Ban on the film THE MAGIC CRYSTAL (MOR FEI CHUI). When Wa Jai saw Little Brain, he thought he was Siu Ban Ban and joked, "Heavens! How come you haven't changed?"

The media asked Wa Jai about his secret marriage again. He said, "After my marital status was exposed I was unaffected, I won't retire from show business because of that either."

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