Saturday, March 13, 2010


Liu Yifei, Wang Leehom
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The Wang Leehom's debut as a director, LUEN OI TUNG GO (LOVE NOTE) is in production in Shanghai. The first time director honestly said that the stress has been enormous, fortunately the crew has given him a lot of confidence. Actress Joan Chen even praised Wang Leehom that he will be a big director in the film. Wang Leeehom said, earlier when he worked on LUST CAUTION and LITTLE BIG SOLDIER, he learned from Ang Lee and Jackie Chan a lot of directing technique.

Joan Chen expressed that when Wang Leehom was making the film, sometimes he would buy fruits and snacks for everyone. Obviously he has inherited that from Jackie Chan. When asked whether Wang Leehom threw any tantrum on the set, lead actress Liu Yifei said, "Does he look like he would throw a tantrum?" Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and Wang Leehom both are creative singers and both have become directors. Was Wang Leehom afraid of the comparison? He said, "Chow Kit Lun has Chow Kit Lun's style, I too am my own style."

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