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The film IP MAN last year was both a critical and commercial hit when it was released. The film company immediately started its sequel and scheduled it for an end of April release. Lead actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan in the first installment had many fight scenes that left deep impressions with the audience, this time he still has ample fights. He highly recommended one scene in which he and Sammo Hung Kam Bo fought on the round table, as he felt it must be seen.

He said, "Sammo and I fought like we were standing on pillars. The scene had many variations of martial arts. After a dozen days or so we were finally satisfied with it, who knew how many tables we broke." This story also described the other side of Ip Man's heroics, like he was a good househusband who knew how to cook. Already a father of two, Chi Tan had detailed knowledge of pregnant women's behavior. When his on screen wife Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) was pregnant, she walked with the big bell she looked just like when she was on the catwalk. Instead her limbs were slim and did not resemble those of a pregnant woman at all. He immediately played her action director and even personally demonstrated his wife's behavior during her pregnancy.

Chi Tan also won three Best Actor awards with IP MAN. Although he would like to win again, most important was still the audience likes this film. He said, "I am confident that the box office can exceed last film's 25 million. (Will you make a third film?) I feel every story should stop while it's ahead. If another IP MAN is made the focus of the film is no longer him, as it should be on Bruce Lee."

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