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Ada Choi Siu Fun
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Ada Choi, Wong Cho Nam
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JUST ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX (YUET GUONG BO HUP) two nights ago held its premiere. Ada Choi Siu Fun, Wong Cho Nam, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Jeff Lau Chun Wai and Gigi Leung Wing Kei attended. Reportedly Ada was pregnant, which she immediately denied. "No such thing, let's wait for Heavenly Father's arrangement. Now we are indeed hard at work, it's not something that we can control. It's not something that you can ask for." Ada pointed out that her husband has been busy with a television series in the Mainland, she too will soon promote a new series. Thus they had no time for procreation. Reporters found that she was much chubbier, Ada said, "Working on a series in the Mainland has been 'fresh' for me, I got a little fatter. Even if I am not procreating I still have to keep fit, I have no reason to destroy my body."

Ada boasted that her recent short hair cut was very invigorating. Reporters asked if she got the cut to procreate. She said, "Can you drag them together like that? I know my own pain. If I am pregnant I would get a crew cut. Then the belly should be the size of a basket and everyone will be able to tell just from looking."

When reporters talked about Stephen Chan Chi Wan's case, Ada immediately changed the subject. Recently a magazine caught Ada with her friend Gigi Lai Chi and even claimed that Lai Chi took fertility shots to carry twins. Did she invite Lai Chi to the premiere? She said, "I asked many friends, anyone who came was already inside. If they aren't free they wouldn't come." Has she talked about children with Lai Chi? She said, "She is my good friend, I care about her so I would protect her. Talking less is the best, thank everyone for their concern for me and her. (Is Lai Chi carrying twins?) Everyone please watch JUST ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX, you get the news sooner than I do. I have read the report and still have no idea where it came from." Leung Wing Kei said that she only invited her fans and her brother to the premiere. Will her
boyfriend see the film? She said that he will go on his own.

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