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FLIRTING SCHOLAR II (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2) earlier held a production close ceremony in Hengdian, Zhejiang and shot a modern dance scene with Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Jingchu. He said that the film also had a Michael Jackson mooncake and lean classic dance step imitations as a salute to the star. After days of practice he finally got them down. On the day of the production close, Huang Xiaoming gave away milk tea on the set, the crew, extras and reporters all had their share.

On television Huang Xiaoming has played many different characters. On the big screen his acting handled the job with ease. This time he challenged Stephen Chow Sing Chi's classic. Huang Xiaoming said, "Sing Yeh is my idol, the classic is a mountain. We never thought about conquering that mountain, but to build another one next to it. Although the mountains are different, the scenery is just as beautiful." Different from just using an exaggerated and strange method to make the audience laugh, Huang Xiaoming's Tong Bak Fu gave this character wisdom and culture. He actively participated in the dramatic skit, comedy material and baggage designs. He also designed many unique props for his character, a mix of the ancient and the modern. For example "sunglasses" were made with writing brush. In order to add to the character's comedic feel, he even made "adjustment" to his hat -- adding two springs to it. As soon as he moved it moved. Huang Xiaoming also designed many humorous lines in the film as he merged the comedy skit into the drama. To give the character even more modern aura, he gave Tong Pak Fu the latest definition -- wealthy second generation. In the lantern riddle scene, Huang Xiaoming contributed all the riddles to make everyone laugh with his wisdom.

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