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Shu Qi, Donnie Yen Chi Tan

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Shu Qi, Donnie Yen

Leon Lai Ming
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun

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Leon Lai Ming at the Media Asia 2010 new film preview introduced his new film FIRE OF CONSCIENCE (FOR LUNG). The host asked him about his facial hair. He curiously responded in English, "It's good!" Then he proceeded to respond with single English words. Off stage Felix Chong Man Keung screamed, "Don't mess around!" Lai Ming explained that the event stipulated that either English or Mandarin must be used. He only responded to the host. Later Jordan Chan Siu Fun was asked about working with Dior Cheng Yi Kin on their new film. Siu Chun imitated Lai Ming and said, "Good!"

Later, Leon somewhat under the influence attended the FIRE OF CONSCIENCE premiere. When asked about his confidence in the new film, he seriously said, "I will give you a professional answer. Actors are the most afraid of three questions, the first is whether we are confident in the box office, we can't control the box office; the second one is about how we perform, I am not just acting for myself; the third one is whether anything funny happened during the shoot. The shoot is serious, how can anything funny happen." Leon pointed out that the director wanted to express that each person at different times would have an inner demon. If it could be suppressed, life would take a different route. Speaking of a duel of men, Leon expressed that he played the character with a man's mentality. Has Leon felt this way before? Leon said, "In the film I almost walked crooked, when you walked crooked you can't see that. Yet when someone looked back, you still walked crooked." When asked whether his wife will show her support, Leon said, "No comment, sorry, I know in front of camera is dead silence."

Leon also changed the subject to the production. He said, "During the shoot I was climbing the wall. During preparation, someone downstairs was chanting pro democracy slogans and promoting for a certain council member. They screamed support democracy and vote for their representative council member. I was up side preparing, when I climbed very high to prepare they were chanting very unprofessionally. I was waiting for the shoot very professional. They were so unprofessional, perhaps that council member paid them too little and they ran out of gas. Yet I was serious about making this movie. Their topic was very serious but they weren't." During the interview and the event, Leon had two bodyguards by his side. When asked whether they were personal security, he said, "I don't know them, maybe they are the film festival's arrangement."

Leon's former girlfriend Shu Qi and Donnie Yen Chi tan also promoted their film THE LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN (JING MO FUNG WON -- CHEN ZHEN). Shu Qi at the event did not have any exchange or toast with Leon. During the group photo they were very far apart. Shu Qi during the interview expressed that during the shoot the temperature was only two degrees Celsius below zero, but Chi Tan was injured and hospitalized. After some I-V saline solution he instantly returned to work without any complaint. He absolutely was a gentle tough guy. Shu Qi expressed that she was very envious of his wife, that Yen Chi Tan was a good example of an ideal boyfriend. "Chi Tan is the nicest guy and is also talented. This is the type of boyfriend people should look for."

Yen Chi Tan was used to slow production progress, but this time with director Andrew Lau Wai Keung the shoot was completed in advance. Chi Tan said, "This time broke through my slow film production history and even was able to be completed under the director's budget. This movie is the fastest completion in my career. Lau Wai Keung is not only fast but also very capable."

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