Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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The Hong Kong International Film Festival in commemoration of the superstar of a generation Bruce Lee held a series of events. Two nights ago at the Cultural Center a Bruce Lee 2010 exhibit opening ceremony took place. Bruce Lee's widow Linda Lee Cadwell, daughter Shannon Lee Heung Yi and granddaughter attended.

Lee Heung Yi said that she has never seen many of the displayed items. She said that her father Bruce Lee was the "only", no one would be like him again. He not only invented Jeet Kune Do, promoted kung fu but also inspired others. Although he has already passed for years, he is still very popular now.

Lee Heung Yi knew that Hong Kong is planning the construction of a Bruce Lee museum. She has also seen the design contest work. The current design will turn Bruce Lee's former home into the one that she remembered from her childhood, with a screening room and coffee shop. She would gladly donate her father's items in coordination. She said that Hong Kong was her father's home, which was very important to her as well. Seattle is also considering a Bruce Lee museum construction.

Lee Heung Yi said that she will stay in Hong Kong for four days. She will go for Cantonese Dim Sum. Shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings are her favorite. She said that her daughter is now seven, but she too is proud to have a grandfather like Bruce Lee.

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