Sunday, March 28, 2010


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Michael Tse Tin Wa yesterday attended a Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing exhibit opening ceremony. At the event Tse Tin Wa will sing MONICA in memory of Gor Gor. Tin Wa actually has worked with Gor Gor before. He took part in the production of Gor Gor's STAND UP, then he was also a dancer at Gor Gor's concert. Tin Wa said that Gor Gor was friendly. Sometimes when they made mistakes during rehearsal he would not yell at them. Tin Wa pointed out that when Gor Gor was the guest performer at the 1985 Miss Hong Kong pageant, he had to wear a thick and heavy costume to play a cat. During rehearsal someone accidentally stepped on his "cat tail", he could not help but screamed, "Come on". Then he realized that it was Gor Gor. Although Gor Gor was a superstar, he was not mad at a dancer yelling at him at all. Instead Tin Wa felt very sorry.

Tin Wa pointed out that seven years ago he was very shocked to hear about Gor Gor's passing. That day was April Fool's Day, he thought it was a joke. Later he watched the news and realized it was true. He only felt shocked because he showed no sign at all before. Tin Wa pointed out that he considered himself lucky to be able to have the chance to see Gor Gor off stage.

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