Monday, March 22, 2010


Jennifer Tse Ting Ting
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Wong Jing, Jennifer Tse
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Wong Cho Nam, Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum), Jim Chim Shui Man, Wong Jing, Jennifer Tse, Ann Hui On Wa
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Wong Jing yesterday led actors Jennifer Tse Ting Ting, Wong Cho Nam, Jim Chim Shui Man and directors Ann Hui On Wa and Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) to attend a press conference and announced Mega Vision this year will release many films including FUTURE X-COPS (MEI LOI GAING CHAT), DUI MIN NUI DIK NUI HAI SAT GOR LOI (THE GIRL OF THE GIRL ACROSS THE STREET IS KILLING THIS WAY) and NAKED SOLIDERS (CHET LOR JIN SI). Wong Jing revealed that he will work with Twins and Louis Koo Tin Lok on a new film and look forward to the film. "This will be Twins' first film after the reunion, so I already offered them a high rate to make the film as well as getting Koo Tin Lok to participate."

Wong Cho Nam expressed that in April he will work with Chim Shui Man on the 3D film THE KING OF JESTERS (SIU WONG JI WONG), which may work with animals like lions or tigers. He said, "I haven't signed a life and death contract, but I have signed the film contract. The company should buy a major insurance policy." Chim Shui man was still under a TVB ban. Was he worried about promotional issue? He said that should not happen. If he played a Shaw film with TVB artists TVB should still support it.

Tse Ting Ting will work on the new film DUI MIN NUI DIK NUI HAI SAT GOR LOI. She said, "This will be my first time as an action actress. I want to try all the dangerous stunts." Ting Ting said that now she has begun to start more and revealed that years ago she base jumped in Australia from 14,000 feet. She said it felt very liberating. "When I base jumped, even Mommy didn't know. After I returned to Hong Kong I showed the CD to my family. Papa after watching said he wanted to try it, but Mommy told me not to do it again." Would her brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung object to her dangerous stunts? She said, "He hasn't said anything because he still feels he is stronger." Ting Ting was asked whether she was confident about a film award nomination next year. She said, "I hope the audience will support me. I would like one but I am
also very nervous."

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