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Lu Yi

Zhang Yimou
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Lu Chuan two nights ago won Best Director with CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH. Yesterday he was very excited because when he made the film the Mainland had a lot of noise. A Mainland film academy selected it as the Worst Film of the Year. Thus this award was the support of the Chinese region, which made it very important. Two nights ago he and Leon Dai Lap Yan presented an award together. He said that his fellow presenter was very nervous and constantly asked what he had to say. Actually they admired each other. Lu Chuan also praised that Lai Lap Yan was very handsome. Although he started in acting, he actually studied directing. Hopefully he would make more movies in the Mainland. Someone said when Tang Wei was banned in the Mainland earlier, Lu Chuan's comments were very supportive. Lu Chuan said, "I said what I said because I wanted a civilized and improved society. I felt it was wrong then I spoke up. Maybe because I was afraid if I didn't speak up I might be the next Tang Wei. Yet after I spoke, I might vanish up in smoke." Lu Chuan thanked the media for the wide coverage. If in the future Tang Wei will be able to work in the Mainland, she should thank the media instead of him. Will he work with Tang Wei? He said, "Supporting one person doesn't have to be collaboration, working on a movie depends on whether the script is suitable." Did he run into Tang Wei two nights ago? He said no, which was truly a little regrettable. Actually if they had the chance he would like to work with her.

In addition, two nights ago after the award ceremony, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Wai Ying Hung and Best Actor Wang Xueqi attended the event celebration, but the event arranged for the media to stand across the street. Wai Ying Hung had to be interviewed on the street. "I have been nominated many times but won very few. I don't know if it's embarrassing, many international people may be there."

Zhang Yimou two nights ago won the "Asian Film Award Outstanding Contribution award". He expressed that he will make a new film then another new film THE THIRTEEN WOMEN OF JINLING. Earlier Zhang Yimou was rumored to be interested in Tang Wei as its star, but because of her Mainland ban he had to recast. With Tang Wei's ban lifted, was Zhang Yimou interested in contacting her? Zhang Yimou expressed that these were only rumors, casting was still ongoing and he still had nine month.

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