Friday, March 26, 2010


Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Jim Chim Shui Man
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Jim Chim Shui Man earlier promoted BEAUTY ON DUTY (MEI LAI MUK LING) together. In BEAUTY Jim Sir played television station executive "Chairman Shum". He not only had to treat people to meals but also fought to host the award show. Did he vilify Stephen Chan Chi Wan? She said that the character was written as such. Speaking of Chan Chi Wan's involvement in a corruption case, Jim Chim joked that it was truly fate to coincide with BEAUTY's release. Jim Sir also joked that aside from running with a twist he also had to impersonate Chan's smile. Jim Sir revealed that during the film he and Kwan Yu even talked about raising children. Would he invite Kwan Yu to perform on the stage? He said Kwan Yu was very afraid of performing live, but she was an outstanding actress. Jim Sir once worked with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin on the film SIMPLY ACTORS (HEI WONG JI WONG), for which Ah Sa even won the Best Actress award. Would he be lucky for Ah Sa again? He said, "Yet I can be lucky for himself. Ah Sa had more changes in these few years, these experiences would help her." Would he be interested in turning Chan Chi Wan's corruption suspicion into a play? She joked that preparing it now would be too late, he instead wanted to play Chan Chun Chung. He said, "I have played him once in a play, only now I started to hear his real voice and thought it was very interesting. (Who played Kung Yu Sum?) I played her too. (Would you ask Chan Chun Chung to borrow Kung Yu Sum's braids?) I don't know if he would be willing, but even Kung Yu Sum said that braids might be fake so they have no value." Jim Sir also said, in the film he and Kwan Yu had a scene in which they scratched each other. Did he scratch Kwan Yu's front like her back? He joked, "Haha, after scratching I thought it was the back, just joking." Kwan Yu praised that Jim Sir was an outstanding comedy actor and even said that with his on the set, she did not need to look for a comedy spot. Kwan Yu even said that during the shoot Jim Sir taught her how to play "young model", which made her do a spit take. Kwan Yu also said that now she would not deliberately turn down ugly characters, of course the salary would have to higher.

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