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Koni Lui Wai Yi

Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the film WOMB GHOSTS (NGOK TOI) played a third party who interfered in Lai Lok Yi and Koni Lui Wai Yi's marriage. In real life, Chau Sau Na has never been the third party but instead had one enter her first love. "I ran into them on the streets and saw my boyfriend with another girl. I was heart broken and wailed, but I still broke up with him. I can't tolerate a cheating man. Later, my friend even said that I was stupid for being kept in the dark, that my boyfriend was not only with another girl but many girls!"

Lui Wai Yi too could not tolerate a cheating mate. "When I was in the university, I realized my boyfriend was behaving strangely and immediately questioned him. He admitted that he was seeing someone else. I didn't hear his explanation and ended it, without lingering or heartache." Would she resist advances from men with a wife or a girlfriend? Lui Wai Yi said, "Of course I would, but I can't just ask a man on a first date whether he has a girlfriend or a wife. If he lies to me, I can't do anything about that. Luckily since I have been in the business I haven't been fooled. In the end, the boyfriend I choose first has to be faithful, faithfulness is an important part of respect."

Young model DaDa Lo Chung Chi and Heiley Chan Yu Hei in the film played nurses. Although this was DaDa's first film, she had experienced from a television series so she had no stage fright. Were they envious of Chau Sau Na's performance? Would she be their goal? They said, "Chau Sau Na's success was not due to luck, she paid a great price." They felt that grasping the opportunity was the most important, gaining experience and honing acting from work. If they had the time he would study acting.

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