Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ng Ming Hui, Wai Ying Hung
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Wai Ying Hung after the Taiwan Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award two nights ago again with AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) won Best Supporting Actress. Ng Ming Hui also won Best New Actor with the film. Wai Ying Hung excitedly said, "I still haven't calmed down yet, very nervous. Before I got out the door, Mommy still didn't know I won. She was very happy and congratulated me." Wai Ying Hung was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, did this award give her a shot of confidence? She honestly said, "I really want it, really bad." She said that all the nominees were competition but she picked her friend Sandra Ng Kwan Yu to win. Wai Ying Hung expressed two nights ago she celebrated with the crew, the cast and the director with hot pot casserole, everyone had a lot of fun. Did she get a raise? She said, "No, but if the script is good, I should lower it a little to support it. Right now I have two scripts." Wai Ying Hung expressed that she would like to play some developmentally challenged characters, which could have a lot of potential.

Will marriage be her next goal? Sister Siu Hung said, "I really want to. Earlier two (metaphysics) masters said that next year I will give laisee, hopefully I will be able to." As for suitors, she said, "No, not even a single fly." Earlier a report claimed that Sister Siu Hung's significant other will not be a normal relationship, he will either be much younger or much older. Sister Siu Hung said, "If I can choose, of course I want someone who is older than me. Someone younger than is me is like raising a son, I might as well have one on my own." Sister Siu Hung also denied that she was caught on a date as the man was only a good friend. Would Sister Siu Hung suddenly marry? She said, "Master said that I will wed in a flash. If he's suitable, I can get married in a week."

Ng Ming Hui expressed that when she won she was very nervous. Speaking of defeating the strong Chris Li Yuchun, she said, "I was very surprise, very scared. I never thought that I would win. When I got here I greeted Lee Yuchun, before the chair was warm I was on stage." She said that at first she wanted to give a speech in Cantonese, but finally she suddenly spoke Mandarin. She hoped to have a chance to work with veterans Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Lau Ching Wan.

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