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This year's Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress Wai Ying Hung earlier appeared on BE MY GUEST. On the program Wai Ying Hung shared her career experience. Wai Ying Hung was born into the Royal family, with Manchurian royal blood. When she was little her wealthy family during the Cultural Revolution was criticized and denounced. Her family followed her father and escaped to Hong Kong. The employees who followed them swindled most of the saving, so her mother could only sell grocery in Wanchai. She expressed that when she was little she already experienced many stories, like watching people leaving their homes to fight in a war and an old woman dying form drugs on the streets. Thus she matured earlier than people of her age. At the same time she swore to escape poverty.

Later Wai Ying Hung was lucky to catch the eyes of directors Chang Cheh and Lee Han Hsiang and Master Lau Ka Leung and was heavily utilized. She made many films and even won the first Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with MY YOUNG AUNTIE (JEUNG BUI). Yet later she ran into a career depression. At the time she minded very much that she was not able to play the lead. She was also afraid that as she aged, other would think she was too old. Finally she was severely depressed and even tried suicide but survived. Finally with help from friends she recovered. After experiencing so much in life, Wai Ying Hung honestly said that she would like to be able to share her life with someone. She has met good candidates but just could not be together in the end. She said that now her life goal is to work hard and find a good companion.

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