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In the April 29 release IP MAN 2, lead actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Sammo Hung Kam Bo's fight became everyone's focus. When Chi Tan mentioned this scene he was sentimental. "After Hung Kam Bo, unless Jackie Chan, Lee Nin Kit (Jet Li) come back to fight with me I really don' know who I can fight with." The invincible is the loneliest.

After SPL (SAT POR LONG) Chi Tan again fought with Sammo, which also became one of IP MAN 2's great selling point. Chi Tan said, "Sammo has been very exciting in both fight scenes and action designs. For a 60 year old person at his weight, he not only could fight but also could flip in the air. He is amazing! He and I didn't have too many fights this time, but I also thought, who else could fight with me?" Chi Tan also said that he has not run into an opponent with the intensity of Hung Kam Bo for years. Thus he wsa particularly happy during the exchanges. "You know just from looking at his size! I think unless I fight with Big Brother Jackie Chan or Lee Nin Kit in another fight again, I won't be able to experience this excitement. Thus from now on I don't know who I will be fighting with, how lonely is that!"

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