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Director Scud (Wan Cheung), Winnie Leung Man Yi, Bryon Pang Koon Kei and Thomas Price (Pak Chi Hin) yesterday promoted their film AMPHETAMINE. The film has been selected to be the Hong Kong International Film Festival closing film, but on the eve of the release film censors have requested a sodomy scene to be cut and made him question the censors' double standard.

Wan Chung said, "That scene is very important in the film. If it is cut, I would rather not release it. In addition even after cutting it and taking it to the censors again, it won't make the April 8 release." Wan Cheung pointed out that the actor had a very difficult shoot so he could continue to appeal. He said, "I believe if Chief Executive Tsang came to the premiere and spoke on behalf of the film it would help. Everyone would think that Chief Executive Tsang would support art so she should be open."

Pang Koon Kei pointed out that Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Tang Wei's LUST CAUTION was released but did not understand why AMPHETAMINE had to be cut. Did he feel the film censors' vision was very narrow and creativity killing? He said, "Hong Kong is already a cultural art desert, sport desert and education desert, it no longer has any creativity." He heard from the boss that if the film had to be cut, during the film release the 15 minute sodomy scene would be blacked out as a protest without any video or south. Pang Koon Kei pointed out that this scene had to be shot in the smelly gutter. After the shoot he hid and cried for three hours. Later he also had depression and was disturbed for over a year. He believed that no Hong Kong actor would be willing to make it. In the past Anthony Wong Chau Sun might, now even he would not. Leung Man Yi expressed that the sodomy scene was key for the film. If it was cut then the story would become scattered and incomplete. Yet he would respect the director's decision. Would she feel that it was a waste if the director decided not to release it? She honestly said that she would be disappointed.

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