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The Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Tang Wei starred CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI) will open in Hong Kong on April 1. This time Hok Yau and Tang Wei play a feuding couple, with their hearts belonging to another. Tang Wei has been missing her prison boyfriend Andy On Chi Kit while Hok Yau has been unable to cut ties with former girlfriend Maggie Cheung Ho Yi. Cheung Ho Yi plays a very career minded female photographer. Hok Yau still has feelings for this former girlfriend. Once they run into each other and have an one night stand in Ho Yi's studio. Hok Yau thinks that they can rekindle their romance but the next day Cheung Ho Yi drives him out. Ho Yi also asks Hok Yau to be a model, Hok Yau happily thinks that his former girlfriend would shoot a series of pretty photos for him, but when he arrives he discovers that he has to wear prison uniform as the background.

Hok yau points out that his character is a gutless and lazy "mama's boy", after living a few decades he has nothing to show for it. Thus he understands that even if Cheung Ho Yi loves him she would not live with him, she would only be a good friend. This character is his first with so little going in his life. He jokes that this character is truly too lazy, if he is Cheung Ho Yi he too would bail. Yet Cheung Ho Yi says that being with a kind hearted "Mama's boy" is very pleasant and comforting, as they would not have any stress of outwitting each other. She feels no matter the personality, everyone in the end can find a suitable other half to make up for their own shortcoming.

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