Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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The Hong Kong Film Development Council vice chair Peter Lam Kin Nogk, chief secretary Fung Wing, Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals chair Fung Chi Cheung, planning committee member Choi Jin Kuen and directors Lam Wah Chuen, Chan Lai Ying yesterday attended the Hong Kong 3D Film New Action -- 2010 Hong Kong International Film Festival press conference.

Lam Wah Chuen last year made the 3D film SUMMER HEAT FOR CHINA 2009, the first live action 3D musical in China. China museum even provided its collection for the shoot. Yesterday the press conference also introduced female director Chan Lai Ying's upcoming 3D film FIVE ELEMENT INVASION STRATEGY. Chan Lai Ying expressed that she just looked at locations in Inner Mongolia and the production will start in July and will shoot in Inner Mongolia and Shenzhen. She expressed that the cast will include Siqin Gaowa, Jiro Wang (Wong Tung Sing), Josie Ho Chiu Yi and Betty Sun Li. Because the story will revolve around wrestling, Wong Tung Sing will have to study judo before the shoot. Chiu Yi will play from adolescence to age 80. Were the actors' salaries very high? She expressed that some were friendly prices. She expressed that the film's budget will be 15 million, just right for the Hong Kong Film Development Council's application limit.

Lam Kin Ngok honestly said that he has a screenplay that will be made in a 3D film. He expressed that any film that costs more than 15 million could approach him for cooperation, less than 15 million ones can go to the Hong Kong Film Development Council. Lam Kin Ngok expressed that he just attended a Mainland meeting and heard Premier Wen Jiabao expressed support for the cultural industries this year, just like Hong Kong will focus on creative industries. He said that Mainland films are developing a major trend as in the future more and more cinemas will open in the Mainland. Aside from the Mainland government subsidized cinema openings, some will also receive tax cuts. Not only more viewers will go to the movies, more people will also invest in cinemas. He said, "Actually this year the Mainland box office increased nearly 40%, a great performance."

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