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Carina Lau Ka Ling earlier worked on the Jiang Wen directed LET THE BULLETS FLY in the Mainland. In the film Ka Ling wore the William Chang Suk Ping designed Republic see through costume. Not only did she make a fashion breakthrough, Ka Ling also had a "wet" passion scene that Jiang Wen had to clear the set for. Ka Ling's "sacrifice" reportedly also "alarmed" her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai enough to personally supervise in Beijing. However the team said that it never saw Wai Jai, only Ka Ling on the phone nonstop on the set. Conceivably she was reporting everything in detail to Wai Jai.

The Jiang Wen directed and starred LET THE BULLETS FLY also had Lau Ka Ling and Ge You. Ka Ling's costumes were the responsibilities of her friend Chang Suk Ping, who even designed a Republic era see through costume. Earlier when the shoot wrapped, Ka Ling and Ge You shot a passion scene. Director Jiang Wen even ordered to clear the set, leaving on the cinematographer and light technician. Everyone else had to leave the set. Only the director saw the re-play.

Reportedly due to this passion scene, Wai Jai who was working on THE GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) in Northeast China had to personally supervise in Beijing! However the team said that Wai Jai did not appear. Ka Ling was always on the phone and looked very nervous, conceivably she was reporting the details to her husband.

After the completion, Jiang Wen even treated Ka Ling and Ge You to dinner as a show of appreciation. Jiang Wen expressed that the entire shoot was very smooth, Ka Ling and Ge You were great actors who did not only pursue exposure. They were extraordinary meaningful.

Reportedly, the shoot took place indoors. The entire room only had a big bed that was covered with valuable embroidered quilt, with two small lanterns on its side. The setting had quite a Republic tone. Ge You expressed, this scene was quite a challenge for him. While waiting on the set he still did not have any free time, as he was busy stretching and doing mad push ups. Even when the crew joked with him, Ge You shook his hand and said, "This is very serious!" After Ka Ling arrived on the set, they had quite a chemistry since they have been working together for awhile.

Because it was a closed set, the details remained unknown. A worker said, "The room was noisy the whole time, each time Ge You's hair would be a mess, his arms covered his lower body as he ran out covered in sweat. His expression and gestures were very funny. Then Ka Ling held two large silver balls and followed. I have no idea what the director has planned because the director told everyone not to laugh. The atmosphere seemed very tense." The crew was shocked that in the afternoon, Jiang Wen personally performed. At the time everyone thought he was demonstrating for Ge You and Ka Ling, but he suddenly added himself into the scene. Jiang Wen expressed, the story required it and he did not deliberately add any scene.

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