Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Janice Man Wing Shan, Chapman To Man Jat and Rain Li Choi Wa two nights ago attended the film PLANET 51 premiere. Janice Man and Ah Jat provided their voices to the film. Rumors that due to a lack of work she went to help at her boyfriend's new store baffled Janice Man because her boyfriend did not open any new store. She expressed that although her job was different from before as all jobs were company arranged, differences would be certain. However she had her company had quite a chemistry and she too wanted to improve. Thus more jobs might not be a good thing. She felt that the company arrangement has been great and she was very happy. Was she worried about comparison with AngelaBaby? She stressed that now she is still able to save money. Although she wanted to buy a home she was very comfortable now. She also hoped that she would be better and better.

Li Choi Wa arrived her god sister, Daneil Lam Siu Ming's former wife Chiu Suet Ying and announced that her relationship with Universe has ended. She made a 7 figure compensation to terminate the remaining two years on the contract, but she stressed that her boyfriend did not pay. She also denied that she ended the contract to get married and expressed that her boyfriend absolutely supported her job. She joked that she would like her boyfriend after reading the report to give her 8 figures to cheer her up. She expressed that she has already signed a two year management company with Golden Scene's Tsang Lai Fun. She denied that she left Universe because all of the company resources were rumored to be allocated to Elanne Kwong Yuek Lam. She insisted that she had her own car and had hair and make up sponsorship. She did not use any company resource. She left because she was at a film company but she did not make a movie in over two years. The contract termination negotiation has been going for years and troubled her, but she expressed that she left her old company under a very peaceful atmosphere and thanked Universe for taking care of her for years.

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