Monday, March 22, 2010


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The 4th Annual Asian Film Award jury chair Tony Leung Ka Fai yesterday spoke to the media, but due to an eye infection he attended with sunglasses. Ka Fai with his facial hair joked that he looked like Brother Sharp.

As for his eye infection, Ka Fai joked, "I think its is from me watching four 3D movies in one breath in the new year! Due to the 3D glasses I rubbed my eyes until they watered." As a jury member, Ka Fai expressed that the hardest issue was to enjoy so many films in a short time. He said, "I feel it is very difficult because I have never watched over 30 movies at once! As for film quality, different nations have different cultural difference, the difference lies with creative subjects."

As a Hong Kong film professional, would Ka Fai give Hong Kong films that are in competition a little higher grade? He said, "Definitely no emotional point! Because I am the jury chair, I won't give emotional point just because I recognize the actors. My own BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) I am not qualified to vote for." As for the lawsuit that a design company filed to claim the event owed over 200,000, Ka Fai did not explain for the event. He said, "The event hasn't finished yet so it's not considered unpaid, the amount is just owed for now. Actually already 50,000 has been paid, later the rest will be paid." Ka Fai said, "Everything is done like this, no one would pay all at once! If the media don't look at it from a negative angle then (the influence) could be reduced. This is not the first time, I believe the event will owe but won't refuse to pay."

In addition, Ka Fai revealed that THE LOVER's director planned to return to the Mainland to make a co-production. Ka Fai expressed that the director has contacted him and he learned about the idea. He would like the chance to work together again. He said, "No one said it was for me, I only would like to work together again after THE LOVER." Would he consider directing? He said, "Chinese films have a lot of talent, I don't have any story that I want to tell. I am very satisfied as an actor so I don't plan to direct."

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