Monday, August 16, 2010


Leni Lan Yin

Jason Yiu Lok Ming, Leni Lan

Hiro Hayama, Leni Lan
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After Leni Lan Yin exposed her sexual history, anyone of the opposite sex who had any contact with her was in danger. Her SEX AND ZEN 3D: EXTREME ECSTASY co-star, Japanese actor Hiro Hayama (Yip San Ho) yesterday admitted, "I just found out, I am a little scared because in the film we played a couple. We had a lot of bed scenes. Luckily my character released prematurely, which enabled me to avoid excessive bodily contact."

Supposedly, on the production start ceremony day they did not know each other at all. She was "all over him" and appeared arm in arm with him. Later she even "complained" that Hiro could not coordinate with her. "He said I should give sweeter answers to the reporters so everyone would have something to write about!" Hiro also claimed, "This is no ordinary sex film, which is why I took it. Everyone is so serious, I am very worried that such news of her would drag us down!" As for the sexual history with the handsome producer being exposed, Hiro said, "That producer and I know each other. We would meet for drinks and food. The impression I have is that he is very nice. Whether real or not, should anyone say about sex all over the place?"

Co-star Jason Yiu Lok Ming also revealed that she was passionate. "I have known her for half a year. She is pretty passionate and crazy. (Has Lan Yin mentioned her old romance with the handsome producer?) I know a little, she mentioned it to me before. She is rather emotional.
(Would her daring comment cross him?) I am not at liberty to respond."

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