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Alan Tang Kwong Wing two nights ago with Ken Low Wai Kwong, Dave Wang Kit, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Jackie Lui Chung Yin attended the Hong Kong Muay-Thai Association's 5th standing committee inauguration. The event's press release stated that Paul Wong Koon Chung, Athena Chu Yan, Chin Siu Ho, Chin Kar Lok would attend, but unfortunately they were unable to.

Low Wai Kwong just recently from Thailand from making the new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM). Recently the Filipino gunman hostage murders have become the talk of the town. Kwong Jai said, "I don't know how many tears I have shed!" As for the criticism against the Filipino police performance, Kwong Jai was angry as he said, "I can get an ordinary stunt coordinator to lead a team of stunt people and be better than them." His former boss Jackie Chan's "Filipino police support" turned him into focus of attacks and subsequently apologized to settle public rage. Kwong Jai only said, "Is that right? We no longer have much contact." Speaking of whether Kwong Jai was able to get back 200,000 in retirement fund after leaving Jackie Chan's company, he declined to comment and stated that he wanted to talk about happy things. He stated that he was the most tense about his two sons, hoping that both would be able to go to school.

Kwong Jai as a single father admitted that he had some financial issues when he first left Jackie Chan's company. Luckily his friends knew how he was and now he already has many jobs. As for the earlier gossips with Jackie Chan, Kwong Jai quoted Stephen Chan Chi Wan. "The real can't be fake, the fake can't be real. Fact is fact." Kwong Jai stated that now he indeed is happier than before. "20 years ago I was very happy, now I am back I am very happy too. (Were the time with Jackie Chan unhappy?) Jackie Chan was often not in Hong Kong, maybe he has his own reason that others don't understand."

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