Monday, August 9, 2010


Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Zhang Jingchu with fawlty confetti cannons?
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Jingchu yesterday promoted CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) in Tsuen Wan and also premiered the film music video FORGOT (MONG LIU). Sing Sing and Zhang Jingchu played darts with the audience on stage. Because the event set up magnetic darts and Zhang Jingchu's belt had metal, when she threw the darts they were
stuck to her bet. She was both curious and embarrassed. Sing Sing in the film played a dart expert. He expressed that this was his first collaboration with Zhang Jingchu. It was also her first action film but her performance was already great. He said, "We had to constantly
practice for action films. Once the director asked her to practice hard on some moves but didn't use them in the end. Sometimes the effort would be wasted."

Sing Sing expressed that although the film shoot was tough, he never thought about whether it would win an award. He said that this was film that was both commercial and full entertaining, he hoped that the audience would see his change. He also said that he made an exception by
making a music video and singing for the film, but the music video will not be in his new record. As for online claims that Sing Sing's clown costume imitated Heath Ledger's character, Sing Sing did not see the resemblance at all. Everyone would fight for him after watching the film. He said, "I instead feel I look a little like Ronald McDonald. I have adjusted the pace of the character." Was he upset? He said, "People who haven't seen it might say that, but I know what I am doing." Zhang Jingchu stated that this time action scenes often resulted in injuries. Once she pulled her leg and could not walk, fortunately Wu Jing gave her some medicine and taught her to relax and use of strength. Working with him has been very pleasant but many scenes in the film were messy fights. Sing Sing pointed out that since it was Zhang Jingchu's first action film, the director knew what to expect. Everyone also watched over her. Zhang Jingchu said, "Lately I often take the Cross Harbor Tunnel in Hung Hom. I saw the film poster and thought Wu Jing was very handsome."

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