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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Shu Qi and director Benny Chan Muk Sing gathered for the film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) and cooked up a series of exciting chases. Sing Sing and Shu Qi's personal stunt performance, action sequences on land and at sea and a massive amount of special effects made the story even more exciting and intense.

Despite being a Best Actor award winner, Kwok Fu Sing in order to bring his CITY character to life not only had to wear fat make up and turn into a clown but also had to jump into sewage, the sea and soaked into the pool for a long time and acted with his eyes open. He truly has suffered. "The heat and the clown make up, the sweat and the glue triggered skin irritation. I even had blisters, had to go to the emergency room and take medication. Then I used artificial skin to apply make up on the situation improved. As for the three dangerous stunts in the film, first I jumped into sewage. After I personally performed it I went home and washed no less than ten times. Then I soaked in the pool with my eyes open and acted for 8 hours, my eyes hurt so much that I could not keep them open. Luckily the next day I was fine. Finally I jumped into the sea for the floating scene, I had to carefully check whether I had any wound due to concerns of shark attack. On the other hand I had to worry about waves. All were done to coordinate with the director's demands."

Shu Qi's role was just as dangerous, but she humbly said that in comparison to Sing Sing the degree of difficulty of hers were much less. "For the heroic rescue scene, I had to jump from four or five stories up. After several times I cried, the director obviously held my crying but still did not soften up. Actually every movie shoot had its hardship, filmmaking was difficult work, but in comparison to Sing Sing my role was much more relaxed. In addition working with him was a lot of fun. As for the the unconscious scene on top of a truck, because it was a physical performance I still had to do it even though I was scared."

Speaking of working with Sing Sing and Shu Qi, Chan Muk Sing praised their professionalism. No matter how poor the environment was, they still gave their all in their performance. "The first time I worked with Shu Qi, all I had to do with provide guidance of the story to her and she was able to imagine how to accurate play it. That was very rare." Chan Muk Sing stated that CITY used over 100 special effects and fulfilled even more space for imagination without losing his personal style. "Technology can increase people's space for imagination, at the same time it also forces me to know more about film trends, the shots and the timing coordination had to be even more accurate. In recent years at most I made one movie a year because from preparation to production to post production I spent almost 10 months. I hoped to make quality movies. In addition since AVATAR brought the 3D movie trend, I too hoped to be able to make a 3D movie in my directing life."

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