Monday, August 9, 2010


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August 5 was Xu Jiao's 13th birthday, but because she was working on the comedy action fantasy film WAN MING SI GUONG (LIFE RISKING TIME) in Shaanxi she could not take time off to celebrate. During the shoot, the director prepared a birthday party for her. Jiao Jiao was
surprised and touched to the point of breaking down on the set. The team sang the birthday song, which made the event even warmer. Despite having been in many big films, this was her first birthday on the set. With all the cheers and well wishes, the director even presented a "Three Great Actor" honorary certificate and award. The team recognized her three great "looks great, learns great, acts great". Xu Jiao happily said, "I never expected the team to prepare such a special gift for me. This birthday truly has been memorable."

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