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The 10th China Changchun Film Festival closing ceremony and
award show took place two nights ago as the event presented 13 awards,
dual Best Actors and Best Actresses. THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN)'s Nick
both won Best Actor; AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR)'s Wai Ying Hung and
MULAN's Vicki Zhao Wei both won Best Actress.

Liu Yifei two nights ago appeared with the new A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN YUN YAU WON) team at the award show. The team even held a press conference. She, director Wilson Yip Wai Shun, Yu Shaoqun, Wai Ying Hung and Louis Fan Siu Wong attended. "Yin Chet Hup" Louis Koo Tin Lok due to another injury was absent. That night Yip Wai Shun and cinematographer Arthur Wong Ngok Tai won Best Director and Best Cinematography, while the tree demon Siu Hung won Best Actress. They were well worth the 3 day production halt for the 300 people team.

According to Yip Wai Shun, the film has already completed all the shooting in the temple and most important scenes have been shot. The film will wrap in Shanghai in September and be locked in for a May Day release. Yu Shaoqun revealed that he will play a hero who saves a damsel in distress. Speaking of Koo Tin Lok's "stealing his love away", he joked, "Changchun truly is my lucky place. This time finally I don't have to fight with Koo Tin Lok. Of course I wish Big Brother Koo Tin Lok to get well soon and continue to fight with me to be this 'Little Three'." Reportedly the new version will turn the old version upside down and start all over, from an all new perspective it will look at and tell a romantic love story.

Koo Tin Lok on the eve of the award show injured his right leg during an action scene. Although after hospital examination his condition was not excessively severe, his right leg lost sensation once. To keep from impacting production progress, he still insisted on continuing the shoot. The film had many action scenes that were highly difficult, but Goo Jai insisted on personally performing many highly difficult stunt and against using a double. Thus he was injured twice in ten days.

In addition, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam who attended her first Changchun Film Festival presented the Best Supporting Actress award. She praised Changchun's great air quality that felt very comfortable. She even turned into a fan and took pictures with elders. When Ka Fai and Siu Hung were announced to be the winners, she cheered excitedly for them. At the celebration, she did not forget to shake their hands to congratulate them and joked that she would like some of their luck to rub off on her. Next week she, Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) and Pang Shun will head to the Venice Film Festival for their 3D film CHILD'S EYE promotion.

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