Monday, August 9, 2010


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Zhang Ziyi just wrapped up work on the film LIFE IS A MIRACLE (MOR SHOOK OI JUEN) and jumped into charity work as the "Chinese Red Ribbon Foundation image ambassador". The event invited 100 children from Sichuan and Henan to Shanghai and Beijing for summer camps. These children are orphans who lost their parents to AIDS and came to Beijing for summer camp for the first time. Zhang Ziyi prepared autographed cartoon notebooks for the children and made them very happy.

Ziyi also shared a real story. "In the production we had several AIDS patients. We lived and worked together. One of them was a boy who played a very important role in the film. We experienced an enormous personality change in him under a completely equal, discrimination free, full of concern life environment. A few short months could change a child's view on life and the world. I too experience this job's value and joy from the experience."

"I am very honored to be able to do something for AIDS prevention and have to give special thanks to the AIDS subject film LIFE IS A MIRACLE (MOR SHOOK OI JUEN) for giving me a chance to personally come in contact with AIDS patients, to truly know and understand them."

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