Monday, August 16, 2010


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CLOSE TO YOU earlier held its premiere in Taipei. Ming Dow, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Amber Kuo (Kwok Choi Kit), Fan Xinyu attended. Ming Dow and Peng Yu-Yan felt very honored to have this chance to work together. Ming Dow expressed that before he was unfamiliar with Peng Yu-Yan and felt that he was like a big kid. This time he discovered that he had a very strong "ambition" in "acting". Peng Yu-Yan in order to play the film's boxer character well accepted three months of tough boxing training. Finally he trained his eight pack figure.

At the premiere May Day's A Shin made an appearance and made the fans scream nonstop. A Shin this time provided without any compensation the right to May Day's hit SUDDENLY MISS YOU VERY MUCH (DUT YIN HO SEUNG NEI) as the film's trailer score. He also worked on a movie for the first time and played a music critic. A Shin pointed out that this time was his
first solo guest starring role, of course he had to attend the premiere.

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