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Taiwan artist Kwai Lun-Mei earlier came to Hong Kong and teamed with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Nick Cheung Ka Fai on the Emperor film THE STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN). Siu Mei changed her usual ways. Not only did she have a series of fight and chase scenes, she also in the film kissed a guy for the first time. Lucky enough to be on the receiving end of Siu Mei's kiss, Ting Fung said that before shooting the scene they had to run for awhile. Thus he did not feel director Dante Lam Chiu Yin was giving him any special treatment!

Siu Mei came to Hong Kong to work on THE STOOL PIGEON. Always played mostly pretty girl roles, she changed her ways and played robbers with Ting Fung. In the film they had to handle many chase scenes, in one they in order to avoid the police pursuit weaved and dodged in an alley like a couple on the run. They hide in a narrow box. Siu Mei could not help but kiss Ting Fung, adding romance to the intense story. Siu Mei bashfully said, "I played a character who is tough on the outside, gentle on the inside. Because she is the big sister in the mob she has to be strong, but she also wants to be loved, taken care of and spoiled. Ting Fung appears in her life just in time, saving her time and after. She is very touched. Speaking of this scene, it was the first time that I took the initiative and kissed a guy, indeed I was a little scared. However, since I played a big sister in the mob, I might as well let go. I wasn't afraid of anything, as I only thought about playing the character well."

Ting Fung said that the scene was very tough. He said, "Before the shoot, Siu Mei and I already ran for awhile. Then we had to hide in this box, we couldn't move at all. In addition we were soaked in sweat, I absolutely disagree that this 'kiss scene' was a special treat for me." Ting Fung said that beforehand he asked his wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi for permission.

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