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Benny Chan Muk Sing led Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Wu Jing, Zhang Jingchu to Kuala Lumpur to attend the CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) press conference and premiere. This was Wu Jing and Zhang Jingchu's first visit to Kuala Lumpur. The event arranged for four luxury cars to take them to the premiere. After the premiere, a local Malay Dato set up a special Japanese meal for director Chan Muk Sing and the cast. Because Aaron has always liked spicy hot pot casserole, Dato even arranged for take out spicy hot pot casserole to be brought to the Japanese restaurant for Sing Sing. Aaron appreciated Dato's attentive arrangement.

Chan Muk Sing stated that he has worked many times with Kwok Fu Sing and Wu Jing before so they already had chemistry. He said that both were very agile. For every dangerous stunt, he would very naturally ask them to personally perform without any consideration that they were actually actors and not action stunt people. However for realism, actors needed to personally perform the stunts. Instead Zhang Jingchu often complained about their last minute changes for her first action film, which gave her stress. Zhang Jingchu stated that although she had stress in the end she was able to complete the task, in particular the mid air somersault. During the shoot she was able to put it off rather smoothly, even the crew applauded her. She said that this time director Chan Muk Sing discovered her action potential. During the shoot, she injured her leg. Co-star Wu Jing immediately gave her a lot of effective medicinal wine, which she appreciated.

Wu Jing stated that this time he ran into Collin Chou Siu Lung. Their fights were rather smooth. The hardest was probably the last scene with Zhang Jingchu. Fortunately Zhang Jingchu has always been great, when she cried he cried too. In CITY UNDER SIEGE, Kwok Fu Sing had to
travel between four lanes of traffic on the wire and over 20 to 30 cars to fight with Chou Siu Lung. Aaron stated that the most thrilling scene was when Chou Siu Lung strongly tossed him out of a car and he went through the glass. If timed incorrectly, he would be under the car and
run over. Once he almost hit a pole, which left me sweating bullets.

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