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Chrissie Chau Sau Na

Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu Wing

Law Chung Him

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Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu
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Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu, Jessica C.

Chrissie Chau

Jessica C.

Theresa Fu

Law Chung Him, Theresa Fu

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The Hong Kong Film Development Fund and film company co-financed youth film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) will start production within days. The actors have already been in volleyball training for 3 months. Yesterday was their final practice. Attending actors included Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Theresa Fu Wing, Jessica C. Law Chung Him, A.Lin and DaDa. The beauties yesterday wore sexy volleyball outfits to practice, however Fu Wing covered up with a jacket to avoid figure comparison. The actresses demonstrated their play, making saves and spikes with a lot of effort.

Chau Sau Na stated that before the shoot she spent a lot of time on volleyball practices. Due to the action performance she also had to learn kung fu, which left her with bruises all over. Due to the numerous actresses in the new film, was she afraid of gossips? Chrissie said, "Only with more girls is the movie great. This movie really needs more girls, in addition, they bring promotional effect." Chrissie stated that after 3 months of practice, she, Fu Wing and Jessica C. got along harmoniously. She also praised Jessica C's great figure. Did she notice Fu Wing's figure? Chau Sau Na stated that she did not. In addition, they practiced in athletic outfits so she could not see their actual figures.

Fu Wing's rumored boyfriend Law Chung Him in the film played Chau Sau Na's boyfriend. Fu Wing joked that benefited Him Jai. Chau Sau Na stressed that it was only acting and she already had a boyfriend. Theresa yesterday dressed conservatively. She said that she was already showing her midriff. She said, "everyone knows I am used to wearing more clothes, I can only accept 2D flat sexy, 3D requires holding back a little. In addition, the movie is not a figure contest. I am not amazing myself." Theresa stated that Lam Chi Sin in the film would play her boyfriend. She was responsible for the comedy in the film and the character was rather challenging.

Law Chung Him thanked Theresa for him landing this film, which permitted him to be in the company of many beauties. Him Jai was asked who was prettier? He said, "This is very subjective for me, it can't be a standard. I feel Theresa looks pretty, Chrissie is very wild with her acting and easy to communicate with, Jessica is great at volleyball, and
I have the best figure."

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