Monday, August 9, 2010


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Experienced media person To Wai Tung's daughter To Yu Fung yesterday attended an event. The doting father made an appearance in support of his daughter. To Sir's new book SHINING STARS recently has been accused of making money off the late Anita Mui Yim Fong. He
defended, "Even Chow Yun Fat made CONFUCIUS, someone would be dead when history is mentioned, is bring up history making money off the dead?"

To Sir in his new book mentioned Ah Mui in order to work with Andy Lau Tak Wa "pleaded and beg" Golden Harvest boss Leonard Ho Koon Cheung to make AU REVOIR, MON AMOUR (HO YUT KWUN JOI LOI) and asked someone to convince Wa Jai to star, finally upsetting Mui's fans because actually Wa Jai did not participate in AU. To Sir stated that Sister Mui at the time enjoyed working with famous and handsome artists like Lau Tak Wa. As for the date "difference", he expressed that he wrote about the process but remember the title wrong. It should have been KAWASHIMA YOSHIKO (CHUEN DOH FONG JI). He honestly said, "I wrote it wrong from memory." He also said that he only wrote a memoir, not a biography. As for the displeasure of Mui's fans, To Sir seemed uncaring and stated that Mui's fans were upset that the book did not cover Ah Mui as much as Teresa Tang Lai Kwan. He also accused of Mui's fans of being unreasonable and fighting for exposure. As for his new book's sales, he said that he cared more about his daughter's than his so he did not know whether more edition would be published.

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