Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yico Zeng, Wang Leehom
courtesy of takungpao.com

Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won)'s first film as a director and an actor, LOVE IN DISGUISE (LUEN OI TUNG GO), will be released on Qixi the Chinese Valentine's Day. Director Wang brought Yico Zeng to promote the film in Shenzhen.

As a first time director, Wang Leehom invited Yico Zeng and Liu Yifei to perform. Wang Leehom said, "Yifei is like a diamond. She can sing and dance, knows many languages and has many talents. In addition she is serious at work. I believe this romantic comedy definitely will bring everyone a pleasant surprise. As for Yico Zeng, Her sheep like voice completed touched me. I feel she has quite a style of her own." In the film Ah De's character was memorable. Wang Leehom honestly said that the story's ending more or less reflected his "longing for love", but this loving could only exist in his "romantic fantasy". He wrote the script as such only to tell everyone about his own longing for love. Hopefully one day he too would be like the big star in the film, say what he wanted to say and do what he wanted to do.

Wang Leehom several years ago always said that making a movie was his dream. For LOVE IN DISGUISE he was the director, screen writer, star, executive producer, etc. The first outing as the director was very important to him. As for box office anticipation, he repeatedly stressed, "I look forward to it very much, very much." Wang Leehom said, the film company earlier injected him with a vaccine, saying that new director's box office record was 50 million. However Wang Leehom did not care. He said, "I don't want to be compared to this, the lowest standard. Hopefully it will perform even better. If I am able to join the 100 million yuan club, it should be great."

Yico Zeng was particularly quiet at the press conference and looked very cautious, but finally she could not escape the reporters' chase and was again asked about the nickname "Brother Zeng". Yico Zeng awkwardly said, "It's a nickname, no big deal, I don't mind." Perhaps afraid of Yico Zeng being in a hard time, Wang Leehom defended, "On the set we have nicknames too. I have many nicknames, like Wang Er."

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