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Currently shooting in Fenghuang old town, Shaanxi, the film WAN MING SI GUONG (LIFE RISKING TIME) had an accident on the 11th. Director Qu Linan fell from the stairs and lost consciousness as the bleeding would not stop. The crew rushed him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a slight concussion and right temple injury. His overall condition was still to be determined.

The team has already been in town for nearly half a month. Due to the heat in recent days, the team was struggling amid the intense production condition. To ensure production progress, the team would work over 15 hours everyday. Qu Linan was not only the film's director but also screen writer. Because it was his first film as a director, he would personally do a lot. On the 11th, the team shut a more enclosed second floor penthouse of an old building. With the heat and the lights, the indoor temperature passed 50 degrees. The team was sweating like rain at work. Although they had two giant fans at work, they were ineffective. When director Qu Linan was going upstairs to talk to actor Jiang Xinyu, he fell and rolled down the stairs. At the time he was unconscious and his right temple was bleeding.

After Qu Linan's injury, the scene was chaotic. The team immediately stopped production and rushed the director to the hospital. Reportedly Qu Linan might have suffered from a heat stroke and fell. Now director Qu Linan has already regained consciousness, his condition was unstable. Since the doctor's initial diagnosis was a slight concussion, he had to stay at the hospital for observation. The wound on his temple was rather long but has already been treated.

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