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Mainland female star Leni Lan Yin earlier exposed her sex life with Stanley Tong Kwai Lai in a magazine. Two days ago Tong Kwai Lai issued a statement to the media and claimed that he was not in love with her and that the reporter had quite an effect on his reputation. He decided to take legal action against the magazine. Lan Yin yesterday held a press conference and said that she was not someone who loved to lie. She even swore that everything in the conversation was true, and that she and Tong Kwai Lai were in love before but now they are friends. The magazine issued a statement yesterday that Lan Yin's interview came from her and had phone recording as proof.

Lan Yin came to Hong Kong to work on Stephen Shiu Ting Yat's 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY (3D YUK PO TUEN). Yesterday she also held a press conference on Shiu Ting Yat's online radio. She appeared at 5:30PM. Because she only read her personal statement and did a brief interview, the press conference only lasted 25 minutes. However because she had
electronic media interviews and clarified certain content she had to appear three times. When the press conference started, Lan Yin read the statement without any expression. The statement had six points:

"1. I have no intention of using the relationship with Mr. Tong Kwai Lai for any speculation promotion. In regards of the report content, after the interview when the reporter and I had a private conversation I accidentally revealed something. At the time the reporter agreed not to
publish that part of conversation." When she talked about the relationship she already began to choke up.

"2. As for any inconvenience and disturbance that this report has caused Mr. Tong Kwai Lai, I sincerely apologize and promise from now on I will never make any comment about the relationship with Mr. Tong." She stopped for a few seconds when she reached the words sincere apology and began to cry.

"3. Actually I am not someone who love to lie. I can swear that everything in my conversation is completely true." She raised her fingers as if she was swearing and continued to cry after she was done.

"4. I promise, from now on I will not mention any relationship to the media." She said and continued to cry. Point 5 was she clarified that she was only a Emperor Motion Picture contract artist and not a Emperor Entertainment artist.

"6. Finally, I have always been active in the Mainland film and television. I don't have much understanding in the Hong Kong media ecology and thus made some immature mistakes. If my comments or behavior caused anyone any inconvenience, I sincerely apologize."

After reading the statement, reporters asked whether she had a relationship with Tong Kwai Lai. She cried and said, "That's all I have to say, I don't want to talk about the past anymore. I don't want to get hurt again. (Are you crying because of the heartache or being wronged?) That's all I have to say, it's already said in the statement." The magazine stated that it had the interview recording and reserved the right to take action. Shiu Ting Yat answered that statement point 1 and 3 have already mentioned that. Lan Yin also said that she was someone to dare to talk and act, what was done was done as she coldly asked reporters. "Everything I said is true, do you feel telling the truth deserved punishment?" She also said that from now on she would not talk about relationships with anyone, as she did not want the matter to worsen and create even more misunderstanding. Has she been to the karaoke box with several men? She asked, "Do you feel going to the karaoke box with friends is not normal?" As for yesterday's sudden press conference, she stated that she needed to clarify for her parents. Did she contact Tong Kwai Lai? She said thank you and ended the first round of questions.

Then she returned for electronic media interviews. Did she feel that Tong Kwai Lai has wronged her? She said, "I don't want to say anymore. (Between you and Tong Kwai Lai who is telling the truth?) Everything I said is true. (Is what the magazine said true?) Statement point 1 and 3 have already talked about that. (Did you send a text message to Tong Kwai Lai?) I sent it, I admit it." Then she left. Because what she and Tong Kwai Lai said were different, reporters again asked her to return for an interview. When she appeared again, reporters asked whether she lied. She said, "If I lie I would be sued. I never liked lying because that's not what I want. (What do you want?) Stand up and tell the truth." Why did she send the message to Tong Kwai Lai? She said, "I want to inform him right away, to protect, I don't want to destroy my friendship with him. (Was there love?) It used to be love, now it's friendship." In the interview she revealed that Tong Kwai Lai wanted it three times a day. She remained cold and said, "This is personal. (Is it true?) It's true. Should privacy be talked about on stage too? (Then why did you say it was made up?) Because it twisted my meaning. I did a normal promotion and posed for sexy photos, but the photos were used. Instead 2006 paparazzi photos were used. If I wanted to speculate, I would have done it in 2006. (Then why did you talk about Tong Kwai Lai?) They had photos, I only responded. If I wanted to expose anything I would have done it in 2006."

Tong Kwai Lai was not angry about Lan Yin's claim that she did not lie and through his assistant simply replied, "I have already left the matter with the lawyer. I don't want to speculate endlessly and promote for others."

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