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Oscar award winning actor Robert DeNiro completed his family vacation in China last week. His first stop in Beijing was Jiang Wen's workshop, as his family became the world's first audience of the Jiang Wen directed LET THE BULLETS FLY.

THE GODFATHER 2, RAGING BULL and HEAT star 20 years ago missed the chance to meet with Jiang Wen. At the time Jiang Wen visited the U.S. at the invitation of the U.S. Congress as a world outstanding youth and met with Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Dustin Hoffman and others. DeNiro was working and missed the meeting. Thus he visited Jiang Wen on this trip to Beijing.

DeNiro was particularly interested in Jiang Wen's LET THE BULLETS FLY. Through Martin Scorsese's connection, as soon as he arrived in Beijing he immediately went to Jiang Wen's workshop for a first look. Although the film's special effect, music score and editing have not been completed yet, he still enjoyed it. He even hoped for Jiang Wen to show him the film once more when the editing was completed to see if he could
provide an overall suggestion. He even recommended the team that he has always worked with to Jiang Wen for subtitle work.

Jiang Wen also showed his respect to this Hollywood "king of actors" in a very unique way. On the second day, Jiang Wen and his friends held a banquet at the Mutianyu Great Wall beacon tower to celebrate DeNiro's upcoming birthday in advance. The music from THE GODFATHER played. DeNiro took his wife by the hand and waltzed on the Great Wall. Jiang Wen even prepared a birthday present for DeNiro: a calligraphy scroll that he wrote with the words NO DOUBLE (like no other). DeNiro was very surprised, after learning the meaning of the scroll he was speechless. Then he repeated thanked Jiang Wen. He said that this was one of the most valuable gifts that he has ever accepted, and they arranged to meet again this autumn in New York.

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