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The Ma Si Hung and Lam Yi Lok host A DECENT CONVERSATION (YI SI SEUNG JUI) invited Eric Tsang Chi Wan and son Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung to be guests together for the first time. Although Chi Wai and his children work in show business, they rarely appear together. This was an understanding between Chi Tan and his children, as they were afraid that other would say his children would able to survive in the business due to their father.

This time Chi Wai made the exception because of his cousin Ma Si Hung's invitation. Professor Ma stated, "It's not because he is a famous actor. Even if today's Chi Wai is an unknown, I still have to do it. We grew up together, Uncle (Chi Wai's father) treated me very well. Without Uncle I wouldn't be here today. I hope to be on a program with Chi Wai so Uncle would be able to see it in his life. This is my dream." Professor Ma choked up as he told the reason.

On the program, Tsang Kwok Cheung revealed a photo of his father Chi Wai in his 20s. Actually they looked very similar. Chi Wai said that although his son looked like him, he was different with his girlfriend. Chi Wai said, "I always tell him to be like me and meet a woman who is as forgiving as his mother, but he meets some unforgiving ones."

Chi Wai said that he never wanted his children to be in show business. Later he was willing to let Kwok Cheung because he knew he was truly interested in film art. Chi Wai said, "At the time I didn't know whether he truly liked film or wanted to be a star. Later he proved that he had a real interest in art. Even when he decided to work off camera I felt more secure. Now I have turned from feeling secured to worrying because all his films are non mainstream art films."

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