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Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Michelle Wai (Si Nga)
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Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Karson Lok Chun Wai and young models Ivy and Liz starred, Kenneth Bi (But Kwok Chi) directed film GIRL$ (NUI NUI) two nights ago held its premiere at the Mongkok Broadway cinema. JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Deep Ng Ho Hong, young
model Dada Chen Jing came in support. Sin Sik Lai, Si Ngai in the film played escort girls. Two nights ago they and Lok Chun Wai distributed ticket coupons and condoms and attracted a large group.

Sin Sik Lai expressed that the film had four or five sex scenes, after making them she had emotional issues. She was constantly unhappy. She said that she would not firmly say that she would not make this type of movies again, but she felt after this time her range has widen.
Speaking of GIRL$ being a category III film, was she worried that she would be typecast as a category III star? She said, "Hopefully no one would think that." Si Nga stated that she had a revealing scene in the film, but the hardest was having to use foul language. She said that after the shoot she had nightmares and did not dare to speak, as she felt a little like cutting herself off.

Dada came in support of her company's Liz and Ivy. She said that she was not too sexy and did not want to steal the show. Was she able to accept nude scenes? She said, "I don't know, I myself won't be completely nude. My rear isn't pretty. I think I have to be very thin before
considering. I am too fat, I don't want to reveal my weak spot."

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