Tuesday, August 31, 2010


courtesy of mingpao.com

courtesy of takungpao.com

Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Janice Man Wing Shan in FROZEN (WAI NEI JUNG CHING) were ordered to date. They not only had no fear for gossip but also said it was a lot of fun.

Lee Chi Ting stated that he has tried wax burning when he was younger, but since it has become illegal he never did it again. He never expected to be able to try it again for this film. He thought it was a lot of fun. Janice Man rarely burnt wax, but during the shoot she had more fun than Lee Chi Ting. Lee Chi Ting even urged Janice Man to be careful as people have been scarred from wax burning.

Lee Chi Ting in this scene also serenaded Janice Man with a guitar, but Janice Man ignored his romance and instead dragged him by the sea to dance to Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's hit MONICA. They had a lot of fun. This film finally wrapped near sunrise and they stated that they felt like they truly celebrated the Mid Autumn festival.

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