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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu jumped around to dispel pregnancy rumors

William Chan Ting Wai

Eddie Cheung Siu Fai brought his children to the promotion
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Joey Man Yi Man, Jo Kuk Cho Lam, Vivian Chow, Sandra Ng, Eddie Cheung, William Chan
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Earlier Simon Yam Tat Wa and Kam Kwok Leung revealed that Sandra Ng Kwan Yu turned down the film YIT OI DOH (HOT LOVE ISLAND) due to pregnancy. Kwan Yu yesterday attended ALL ABOUT LOVE (DUT HAN CHAU FAN)'s promotional event. Although she was plumper than before, she was light on her feet. She even deliberately took big steps on and off stage to clarify that she was not pregnant yet. However she admitted that because she was hesitant, she turned down the role two days before the shoot. She publicly apologized to Kam Kwok Leung and the team and pointed out that Kam Kwok Leung should be mad at her.

The film ALL ABOUT LOVE yesterday held a promotion. Attendees included Ng Kwan Yu, Vivian Chow Wai Man, William Chan Ting Wai, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Joey Man Yi Man and Jo Kuk Cho Lam. The actors played games with the audience. Rumored to be pregnant, Kwan Yu appeared in loose fit clothing and looked slightly fatter than before. However when she walked she took big steps as she always has. She even danced with the audience and did not seem pregnant. When reporters joked that Kwan Yu should be careful, she said, "Crazy." Later reporters congratulated her and she immediately said, "No need." She denied that she could not make the announcement before the time was not right yet, but she admitted that she turned down YIT OI DOH. She said, "The story is very simple. I turned it down two days before the production was to start. I understand as soon as I turned it down numerous speculations would arise."

As for Kam Kwok Leung pointed out that she was "pregnant", Kwan Yu said, "He always talks like that!" This time she turned down the role because earlier she already said that she did not want to work during the summer vacation. Since Peter Chan Ho Sun went to Yunnan, she had to watch their daughter. The film had to shoot abroad and her schedule could not adjust. She admitted that she was wrong in the matter as she did not turn it down absolutely. She said, "I was hesitant and indecisive. The whole story actually doesn't have 'more to the story'." However she said that the team had some problems as well and Chan Ho Sun asked her not to take the role. Kwan Yu said, "Ultimately I owed the team, Kam Kwok Leung, Brother Wa." Did she turn down the role due to pregnancy? She said no, and she has not signed any contract to confirm production.

Why did she turn it down two days before the shoot was about to begin? She pointed out that some issues took place behind the scene, originally the production was halted but then resumed again. The entire matter was very mysterious. Was she afraid that the incident would affect her friendship with Kam Kwok Leung/ Kwan Yu said, "That's why I am saying sorry to him, I called him." Was she the first female lead in the film? Kwan Yu did not know what first female lead was. The film had three girls, the characters were very even. She did not know that the team wanted Carina Lau Ka Ling. Kam Kwok Leung pointed out that Ka Ling was actually his first choice. Did she feel that he was promoting with the matter? Kwan Yu said, "Whatever. I work in this business, whether it was promotion or news, it is still news! It doesn't matter, I wouldn't think about whether people are promoting like that, even if it is promotion it
is very normal. After losing one actor you of course have to find another." She reiterated that Kam Kwok Leung should be mad at him and being upset was normal.

Again she was asked whether she denied the pregnancy because the time was not right. Kwan Yu said, "That's not it, just keep your eyes peeled and see!" Reporters asked that she did not admit to the first pregnancy either. She pointed out that at the time she wanted some
privacy. This time she honestly admitted that she wanted a baby. Was she working hard on having a child? She joked, "Peter is in Yunnan! The altitude is too high! At such a age, a senior would be trying too hard to catch a breath. I am talking about him, not me!"

In addition, Chow Wai Man believed Kwan Yu was not pregnant. Otherwise she definitely would know. She hoped everyone would give her a little space. Chow Wai Man also revealed that someone was impersonating her on microblog. She clarified that she has no microblog, blog or
Facebook yet, for now she has not considered starting any. Since she has her own official site, sometimes she would leave messages on the board. She already has a platform to communicate with fans.

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