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The Janice Vidal (Wai Lan), Janice Man and Aarif Lee Chi Ting starred science fiction romantic comedy FROZEN (WAI NEI JUNG CHING) will be released next Thursday. Much of the film took place in the 80s. Lee Chi Ting and Janice Man met in 1988, thus their looks were very superficial. Lee Chi Ting's hairstyle was based on the 80s most stylish image. Even he could not help but laughed. "I don't seem to belong in the modern time, I have played nostalgic characters in several films." Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin praised his aura as absolutely not belonging to this era. His gentleman elegance was very strong, thus this film's male lead had to be him. He was too handsome.

As for the romance with Janice Man, Lee Chi Ting was not nervous at all because Janice Man was a lot of fun and hard working. He said, "I myself act with feeling, I like to improvise on the spot. She would very accurately rehearse with me, this is just right for balance in the

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